Working with sentences - adjectives

This is based on the color poster from a few months ago. Here are the guidelines from that:

Règles pour les affiches des couleurs
This is designed - actually it was not designed at all, but came up spontaneously the other day and is being designed as we proceed - as a quick little project to reinforce your familiarity with color adjectives in French. It will also serve to reinforce certain grammar concepts, as well as prompt you to learn the basics of the demonstrative determinants on your own.
Your product will include:
1. four images clipped from magazines or other sources which show your color.
a. the thing in one image must be masculine and singular
b. the things in the second image must be masculine and plural
c. the thing in the third image must be feminine and singular
d. the things in the fourth image must be feminine and plural
2. captions in which you
a. use the right form of ce, cet, cette, or ces (see chapter 10, page 185)
b. the name of the thing in each image (you may have to use a dictionary to learn the word and to be sure it is spelled correctly, whether singular or plural, and to make sure the demonstrative determinant is correct in gender and number)
c. use the correct form of être (either est or sont)
d. the name of the color, correctly agreeing in number and gender with the thing shown in the image (again a dictionary may be a necessary resource).
e. use one of the new adjectives, beau, vieux, nouveau (see chapter 8, page 140)



Ces belles fleurs sont rouges.

Cette belle voiture est rouge.